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We use the most logical bikes for this tour. I have been doing this for well over a decade and I would never consider using another style of bike for my business.

At Maui Easy Riders we provide our guests with the best, safest and easiest to use bicycles for this excursion. Our custom built Worksman Cruiser bikes allow you to sit upright in your seat as opposed to being hunched over onto a flat/horizontal handlebar that are standard on regular mountain bikes.

Our bikes are specifically tailored for this downhill biking adventure. Every bicycle has a huge, padded 13 inch adjustable seat.

With us you will not have to worry about the possibility of having an accident because your “disc brakes” locked up on you. Our bikes are equipped with “drum brakes” which is what you want and need for a ride like this. You wouldn’t want to use our bikes on a trail ride and you shouldn’t get stuck with a trail bike on a ride where you’ll be coasting on paved roadways.

Our bikes are smooth, very well maintained and easily the most comfortable bikes on Haleakala.

a person sitting on a bicycle