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Maui has so many amazing places to see, when you come with us we will take you to many places that you would definitely not see with a large group tour. We love giving these Road to Hana Tours and it shows in our reviews posted by many of our clients on trustworthy review sites.

To a certain extent we customize each and every tour to what our clients wish to do and see. We have our “core” spots that we stop at for every tour, but each tour is also designed to meet the limits and expectations of the clients on their particular tour.

We can take you cliff jumping, hiking, swimming in a freshwater cave, body surfing or to hidden waterfalls that you would never be able to find without a safe and knowledgeable guide.

If you are into a more mild tour and not up for a big adventure then we can cater to that too.

Some of the highlights of our tours include but are definitely not limited to: viewing Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles resting on the beach, swimming in freshwater pools, red sand beach, black sand beaches. We also drive you around the beautiful and unpopulated back side of Maui, this is one of the most beautiful parts of the island and most that visit Maui never get a chance to see it. By the time the tour is over you will have circled the entire base of Haleakala, the worlds largest dormant volcano.

There are always questions about a tour like this, we cannot cover everything on the website so please give us a call or send us an email to find out more details and to book it. We prefer to do these tours Monday thru Saturday but we do make exceptions if Sunday is your only option.

Below is a Basic Tour Description:

Maui’s finest road to Hana adventure begins in the small surf town of Paia, which is located about 6 miles east of the airport along the famous Hana Highway. The vast majority of visitors that set out on the road to Hana take the traditional route, we do it differently and take the road less traveled.

The first part of this tour takes you up the scenic Haleakala Highway through the upcountry towns of Kula, Keokea and Uluapalakua. There is an area of Maui known to locals as the “backside”, tour buses and guide books omit this hidden paradise that should not be missed.

Along the route you’ll witness vistas of the turquoise blue ocean framed by dramatic black lava flows on one side, and dramatically steep cliffs and waterfalls rising towards the peak of Haleakala on the other, this winding road takes you on a stunning visual experience.

At any time along this excursion you can simply ask the guide to stop so you can soak up the view or simply snap a photograph. Stopping to enjoy the sweeping panoramas stretching in every direction, one experiences a solitude in nature that is rare and fleeting.

Meandering onward from these wide open places, the jungle starts to dot the landscape with mango trees and vines cascading down through the valleys. Waterfalls appear more frequently and closer than you’d ever imagined.

Throughout the day its hard not to notice the spray of rainbow filled mist that can be felt on your face. Short hikes past ancient Hawaiian settlements and you will find yourself swimming at the base of a 60 foot waterfall while white clouds fly overhead.

There is no shortage of farm stands that always offer exotic fruits, freshly roasted coffee and mouth watering cocos along the way.

As the town of Hana approaches, opportunities for cliff jumping, hidden black and red sand beaches, lava tubes, beachside BBQ, swimming in caves, snorkeling, and adventures abound.

After Hana Town and the sun has began to lay low in the sky, it’s time to drive the other side of Haleakala. This road takes you through 650 hairpin turns and 51 one lane bridges, many of which are well over 100 years old. The jungle is lush and beaming with life, many adventure or just relaxing lye ahead, you choose.

At the end of the tour you’ll have the opportunity to be up close and personal with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles that love to relax on the beach. It is not uncommon to find more than 50 of these majestic creatures enjoying some down time on one of Maui’s most scenic beaches.

This tour is so unique and so packed with fun and different things to do that we could literally take you 2 days in a row and never do the same thing twice. We assure that this is the tour you are looking for no matter what your personal level of adventure entails.

This tour last roughly 10 hours (+/- 2 hours) depending on the guests and how much time they wish to spend on the tour.

***The description of this tour is just an outline of what your adventure with us will be, since each tour is different it is not possible for us to fully describe a tour that has yet to take place.

Meeting Place for this tour is in the town of Paia, at Lower Paia Park, 19 Hana Highway, Paia, Hawaii 96779

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