Maui Bike Tours

Tour Duration: 4 hours +/- 30 mins

Price Online – $99
Retail- $119

We offer our Haleakala downhill bike tour at “9am” and “1:30pm”. Both tour times take the same route and last about the same amount of time, the only difference is the time you’re signing up for. The “private bike tour” is also the same tour as what is listed herein.

The Easy Riders Biking Adventure begins when you meet us in the town of Paia on the North Shore of Maui. There are restrooms where you park and the nearby town of Paia has every modern convenience Maui has to offer. We will meet you right on the beach and then begin our ascent up Haleakala (the worlds largest dormant volcano).

Beginning in Paia we drive our 15 passenger van directly up the route we will be coming down on the bicycles. We take a maximum of 8 riders on each tour leaving plenty of room to be comfortable for the short duration of the drive. On the way up we talk about the roadways, the island and get to know our guests.

After about 25 minutes of conversation and sight seeing we arrive in the area of Kula, here we stop at a small market, Kula Marketplace. This is an opportunity to use the bathroom, eat, take pictures, buy souvenirs, smell the flowers, etc. The area of Kula (which translates to golden meadows) is mostly known for growing exotic flowers, cooler climate, island wide vistas and organic farms.

The Kula Marketplace ( takes much pride in what they have to offer, displaying unique items crafted by over 200 vendors from the state of Hawaii.

After we spend a short time at the Kula Marketplace we, continue another 20 minutes in the van to the starting point of the bike ride just outside of Haleakala National Park. Altogether you will spend less than one hour of your precious vacation time in our van.

We provide all of the necessary clothing and other items needed for this ride.

We begin our bike ride outside of the Haleakala National Park at 6600 feet above Sea Level, no commercial bike tours are allowed to use bicycles inside the park boundaries. We start our descent down the nine hundred thousand year old volcano just above where the other bike tours get started. And it is true that we do ride the most miles in the business (25 miles). Note: Its worth pointing out so that guests to the island can be aware that other bike tour companies do advertise that they go 28 or even 38 miles on their tours, we assure you that those advertisements are misleading and false, 25 miles is as far as the Haleakala Downhill Bike Tour can possibly go by law.)

Throughout the entire 25 mile ride we only actually do about 300 yards of uphill pedaling, other than that there is less than a mile of easy pedaling on flat roadways, and all of that pedaling is broken up into different sections throughout the ride. It is a very thrilling, relaxing, enjoyable bike ride.

The views on this ride down Haleakala are mesmerizing and at times surreal looking down at the giant valley that dominates the center of the island. The ride is full of views, many of the clouds in the beginning are either well below you or you’re riding right through them. The smells of lavender and eucalyptus are extreme and present on nearly every ride we take and on the way down we make plenty of stops to take pictures and smell the flowers.

3/4 of the way down we come to an area known as the the cowboy town. In this small town of Makawao we take a break (usually around 30 minutes, give or take 15 minutes depending on the group) so you will have a chance to explore the town. Maui Easy Riders is the only tour company on Maui that offers a tour of this very special town. Makawao certainly qualifies as quaint, and it is far off beaten path, no large crowds or hotels like the resort meccas of west and south Maui.

Makawao is a close 2nd to Paia when it comes to being the coolest little town on Maui. There is rich history in Makawao from its days as a true cattle ranch town.

From Makawao we continue the tour down historic Baldwin Avenue, where sugar cane, pineapple and cattle ranching have forever left there footprint. We include one more stop on this last 7 mile stretch at one of two amazing churches that have molded the communities around them for the past century.

The ride continues into the town of Paia ending your ultimate downhill bike ride in Hawaiia’s last fully intact plantation town. We will ride all the way down to where you parked your car, at the beach of Paia Bay.

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