Experienced & Trustworthy 

Maui Easy Riders is well established, having been in business for over 6 years we have evolved into Maui’s highest rated bike tour business on all trusted review sites.  Everyone makes the claim that they are the best and most experienced, any potential guests can easily go online to trusted review sites and see for themselves before booking who has the best feedback.


Small, personalized private tours. Billy, the owner of Maui Easy Riders is always happy to do the guiding himself. You simply cannot get this with any other downhill bike tour or road to Hana tour company. One company offering the best possible service on two different types of tours.


Haleakala Downhill Bike Tour

Integrity and accountability, and of course FUN.  We have the best reviews, the most reviews and all of our reviews are real.  I started this business because I love leading bike tours down Haleakala.  I have well over 10 years of experience guiding visitors down the slopes of Haleakala on our bicycles.  This is the Gold Standard of experience in our industry!  I put in many years of working for the competition before staring my own tour company, and now seven years after being in business for myself I am still going strong. We are the only bike tour company here on Maui that takes smaller groups as a standard, we do this both for safety and to connect with our clients on a personal level.


Road to Hana Tour

Our Road to Hana Tours are completely private and exclusive to you, we do not combine different groups of guests together on these tours.  For a full day of private touring on the Road to Hana, with the overall quality and originality of the tour that we offer you cannot find a better deal.  We are safe and we are super fun, coming with us guarantees both of these most important aspects.

Hana is a very sacred place to the people that call this island their home.  Also very importantly Hana is home to a population of Hawaiians that have lived there for many generations that span over 1500 years.  We have much respect for this land and its people, we assure you that we will never take you onto land that should be avoided by visitors.  Maui Easy Riders will take you where you’re welcome, where its safe and where its fun!

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